13 Best Color Schemes For Bedrooms: Designing Your Dream Space with Color

13 Best Color Schemes For Bedrooms: Designing Your Dream Space with Color

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your bedroom can be a transformative experience, breathing life and personality into your personal sanctuary. With a variety of options available, finding the ideal blend that matches your aesthetic preferences and comfort needs is crucial.

Selecting the ideal color palette for a bedroom holds great significance. It's crucial since colors impact our emotions and well-being significantly, influencing mood, energy, and focus. With the right hues, a bedroom can foster an ambiance of relaxation, comfort, and peace, enhancing its overall appeal and warmth.

Explore the 13 best color schemes for bedrooms that promise to revitalize your living space and create a truly dreamy ambiance.

How to Choose The Best Color Schemes For Bedrooms

best color schemes for bedrooms

If you're deliberating on the best color schemes for bedrooms, having an understanding of the color wheel and how different hues interact is crucial. Although seeking inspiration from others is beneficial, your chosen colors should ultimately reflect your personality. To make the right decision, follow these steps:

  • Reflect on your personal preferences, choosing colors that evoke a sense of calm and comfort.
  • Assess the colors of your furniture and decor items, selecting shades that harmonize with the existing elements.
  • Take into account the room's dimensions; opt for lighter hues in small rooms to create an illusion of more space.
  • Consider the room's overall style; modern rooms often benefit from bright, clean colors like white, grey, and beige, while traditional spaces can incorporate navy, burgundy, or hunter green.
  • Aim for a cohesive look by selecting colors from the same family, allowing for a balanced and unified ambiance.

13 Best Color Schemes For Bedrooms

1. Black and White:

best color schemes for bedrooms

The timeless elegance of black and white creates a tranquil ambiance. Soft off-white walls paired with black accents and subtle undertones establish a sophisticated appeal. Incorporate textures and patterns to add depth and warmth to the space.

2. Soft Earth Tones:

best color schemes for bedrooms

Blend mild earth tones to craft a cozy and serene bedroom ambiance. Combine these colors to establish a neutral yet impactful room, incorporating color-matched accessories like paintings and artificial flowers to enhance the overall aesthetic. Experiment with shades of brown, beige, and muted greens to achieve a balanced and calming environment.

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3. Off-White:

best color schemes for bedrooms

Achieve a serene ambience in your bedroom by incorporating an off-white color scheme. This calming combination, paired with soft gray and white accents, will create an atmosphere conducive to restful slumber. Combine the off-white walls with patterned wallpaper and neutral furnishings to infuse the room with an airy and cheerful feel. Experiment with textures and accessories to add depth and character to this versatile palette.

3. Pink:

best color schemes for bedrooms

A bedroom painted in pink exudes youthful energy and adds an eclectic touch. To complete this vibrant look, consider pairing the color with matching pillows and accessories in complementary shades like lavender and light red. Experiment with different textures, such as velvets or silks, to create a charming visual contrast that enhances the overall appeal of your bedroom space. For an added touch of sophistication, incorporate metallic accents or mirrored furniture, allowing natural light to reflect and magnify the vibrant color scheme.

4. Grey:

best color schemes for bedrooms

Experiment with a combination of gray, charcoal grey, bright white, and wood accents to craft a contemporary bedroom that accentuates the play of natural light. Accessorize with darker elements that complement the wall colors, fostering an impactful harmony. To establish a cohesive look, opt for neutral bedding, enhancing the room's sense of balance and elegance. This color scheme not only adds depth but also exudes a sophisticated, calming ambiance conducive to relaxation and restful sleep.

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5. Pink and Gray:

best color schemes for bedrooms

Pink and gray make for an enchanting bedroom color scheme. This versatile combo can evoke both feminine and masculine vibes. Depending on your preference, you can incorporate elements like dark furnishings and white accents to achieve the desired look. For a more balanced effect, use a soft blush pink with light gray.

6. Gray, Lavender and Purple:

best color schemes for bedrooms

A mix of gray, lavender, and purple is a serene and elegant option. To enhance this color scheme, incorporate plush purple pillows, a lavender rug, and textured gray curtains. Opt for a mix of different shades to create dimension. To balance the cool tones, add warm wooden furniture and gold accents. Select wall art and decorative pieces that highlight these colors, such as abstract paintings or purple flower vases. Use lighting strategically to showcase the rich colors and create a soothing atmosphere.

7. Cool Tones:

<img alt="best color schemes for bedrooms" src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0646/7217/0215/files/best_color_schemes_for_bedrooms_6_480x480.png?v=1701859554">

Give your bedroom a spa-like feel with the serenity of sage green or teal combined with soothing blue hues. Amplify the calming effect by maintaining all-white walls. Integrate a tasteful piece of wall art to add a touch of sophistication and elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Experiment with different shades and textures to strike the perfect balance for a restful environment.

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8. White and Olive Green:

best color schemes for bedrooms

This refreshing color scheme infuses a sense of serenity and nature into your bedroom. Opt for off-white walls to provide a clean backdrop, complemented by olive green furnishings and decor accents. Add texture with jute or sisal rugs, wooden furniture, and houseplants for a perfect blend of contemporary and rustic styles. Incorporate natural light and minimalist window treatments to enhance the overall ambiance and create an inviting, calming space for rest and relaxation.

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9. Pristine White:

best color schemes for bedrooms

White is an all-time classic choice that exudes tranquility and spaciousness. Embrace the serenity of pristine white walls, and pair them with soft, cream-colored furnishings and light wood accents for a soothing, minimalist aesthetic. Accentuate the simplicity with pops of pastel shades or incorporate metallic elements to elevate the overall appeal. Opt for a textured throw or a fluffy rug to add warmth and depth, ensuring that the room remains welcoming and refreshing.

10. White and Blue:

best color schemes for bedrooms

This classic combination creates a soothing ambiance that's perfect for unwinding. Opt for a soft, powdery blue paired with crisp white accents for a tranquil, coastal-inspired feel. Incorporate patterned textiles, such as striped pillows or nautical throws, to infuse a touch of character. Avoid overpowering the space with too much color—balance is key. Use white for the majority of the room, including furniture and bedding, and incorporate shades of blue through decorative elements like rugs, artwork, and curtains.

11. Red and Grey

best color schemes for bedrooms

Red and grey create a stunning contrast that infuses energy into the bedroom while maintaining a sense of sophistication. Opt for a neutral grey backdrop and add red accents through bedding, throw pillows, or an area rug. Strike the right balance by incorporating textured grey wallpaper or bed linens to soften the intensity of the red. Accentuate the scheme with complementary wall art and minimalistic décor, ensuring the room doesn't feel overly busy. The blend of red and grey offers a modern and bold aesthetic, perfect for those seeking an infusion of dynamic energy in their personal haven.

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12. Turquoise:

best color schemes for bedrooms

The calming essence of turquoise is perfect for creating a serene atmosphere in the bedroom. Combine turquoise walls with white accents for a refreshing and airy feel. Adding touches of gold or silver in decor items or light fixtures can elevate the overall ambience. For a bolder look, pair turquoise with deep purple or navy blue for a striking contrast. Experiment with different textures and patterns, such as plush rugs or patterned throw pillows, to add depth and character to your bedroom.


Choosing the best color schemes for bedrooms is a crucial step in creating an inviting and harmonious space that reflects your personality. Experiment with different combinations, consider the psychology of colors, and pay attention to the lighting to achieve the desired effect. With the right color scheme, you can transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquility and style.


What are the Best color schemes for small bedrooms?

For smaller bedrooms, light and neutral color schemes work best. Consider shades like soft pastels, off-whites, or light greys to create an illusion of space.

How can I add pops of color to a neutral bedroom color scheme?

Introduce vibrant accents through artwork, throw pillows, or curtains. A bold rug or a colorful bedspread can also add a lively touch to a neutral backdrop.

What are some trending bedroom wall color combinations for a modern look?

Grey and white, blue and beige, or pink and brown are popular modern bedroom color combinations. Experiment with geometric patterns and contrasting textures for an edgy yet sophisticated ambiance.

How do I select a color scheme that complements my existing furniture?

Look for colors that harmonize with the undertones of your furniture. Consider contrasting hues for a striking effect or analogous colors for a more harmonious blend.

What are some soothing bedroom color schemes for a peaceful ambiance?

Earthy tones, such as sage green, warm beige, or soft lavender, create a serene atmosphere. These natural hues promote relaxation and contribute to a peaceful sleeping environment.

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