We’re not a normal home decor company. Normal was never good enough for us. Our founders started Cutesy Home after being frustrated to compromise between quality, affordability, comfort and convenience. What started as a small furniture boutique in the state of Wyoming, we are now a full-fledged online only home decor store with a brand new approach to sourcing the best products from across the world. 

SHoP and see

The sourcing model for the Home Decor industry hadn’t changed for decades.

We knew that if we wanted to make a meaningful difference in pricing, it wouldn’t be as simple as finding a supplier on the internet and selling it online. With a vision of setting new standards, we focused on three important aspects: an intuitive website, a focus on function and aesthetics, and a smarter supply chain. 

Direct-to-consumer is the innovative foundation of our supply chain model.

Our big secret? By delivering our products directly to you, we’re able to remove all retail mark-ups and over 70% of standard shipping costs. 

Aesthetic designs…

Our studio designers work with our manufacturing partners in China and focus on primarily two of the most sought-after design movements in history: American Modernism and contemporary Scandinavian minimal style. These evergreen styles are known to strike a perfect chord with the current consumer lifestyle to create beautiful spaces. 

…that last a long time.

We firmly believe in sustainability and ensure that all the material used in the production are sustainably sourced. They are also made to last for a really long time. We don’t believe in “Fast fashion”. We believe in sustainable and timeless designs with a focus on comfort and practicality.