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artnodic ZenGlo Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp

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Color — Black

Embark on a Journey with ZenGlo: The Tale of Illuminated Freedom

In the hushed tranquility of your space, where whispers of light dance freely, ZenGlo emerges – a beacon of portable brilliance, designed to accompany you on your odyssey. This mystical lamp, powered by an enduring 5200 mAh battery and adorned with 6W LEDs, unleashes a captivating glow, casting a radiance that spans from 8 to 40 hours. No cords tethered, no power outlets sought; its cordless design fosters liberation, granting you passage from room to room, even to the distant realms of the patio or venturesome camping escapes.

Behold the Invisible Power: Concealed within ZenGlo's essence lies a secret of touch. The enigmatic button on the top, nestled within its design, wields control over its luminous prowess. A simple touch summons its brilliance or quells it into the night. Adjust the brightness effortlessly, crafting atmospheres that suit the nuances of your every desire. From the gentle lullabies of a nursery to the tender warmth of bedside tales, ZenGlo paints the canvas of your mood with hues of serenity.

In the Artistry of Light and Shadow: Witness the spectacle as ZenGlo transforms your abode into a sanctuary of coziness. Dim or brighten its luminescence, crafting an ambiance that resonates with tranquility. Let its tender, warm glow serenade your journey through pages, work, or respite. 

Ease and Elegance: ZenGlo orchestrates simplicity with its touch of control. Tap the lamp to usher it to life, cycle through color modes with a single touch, or savor the nuance of dimmed hues. Embrace convenience with its universal USB Type C port, allowing a graceful charge in a mere ~4 hours. Its compact, minimalist silhouette adds an understated elegance, embellishing small tables, nightstands, and desks alike.

Illuminate your world with ZenGlo – where light transcends boundaries and narratives unfold in the gentle hum of its glow.


    3+3W LED
    5200 mAh powered battery
    8-40 hours of usage depending on the brightness level
    Dimmable with 3 Color modes - Warm White, Neutral White, White
    Touch operated button for On/Off & adjusting brightness

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Meda Considine

    Identical to the photo. Delighted...

    Meta Wunsch

    Berry Berry Good

    Mercedes Cummerata

    Great for the price! Metal base plastic top touch switch that you can choose between warm white / cold white / both whites … USB C CHARGED and the touch sensor is a dimmer if you hold your finger

    Chauncey Koss

    Well packed.

    Alek Wilkinson

    Some scratches here and there. Otherwise a good lamp, but it doesn't light up a room. It's good for a desk or night table

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