Tips You Need to Know to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

Tips You Need to Know to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

As you explore the racks of your closet, you are overwhelmed by the strong smell emanating from the fabrics. The odor may catch you off guard or it can be a persistent issue with the fabric of your garments. There are a variety of sources that can cause odors in clothes, including stinky dryers, filthy washing machines, and even regular wear and tear. There is nothing worse than putting clothing through a rigorous washing process only to have it still smell musty afterward.

This article will provide you with valuable insight into how to prevent your clothes from smelling musty outside the closet and how to avoid future musty/mildew smells.

Identify the Source of the Smell

Start by identifying the source of the odour if you do chance to detect it coming from your cupboard. Sometimes, the primary culprit may be soiled clothing or even the development of mould and mildew. Water that becomes trapped inside the closet frequently results in the growth of mould. So, check your ceiling and walls for leaks. Consider buying a nice humidifier if your closet is situated next to the restroom. Fill a spray bottle with two cupfuls of water and bleach to get rid of mildew and mold. Spray this mixture on the mould and give it some time to dry.


Keep Your Closet Clean on a Regular Basis

Make sure to regularly clean your closets as a general guideline. The following steps will help you perform a comprehensive deep clean:


  • Take everything out of the closet first.
  • To remove dust and debris, vacuum the closet floor or clean it with a cloth that is only slightly damp.
  • Spray an all-purpose cleaner or a soap-and-water mixture on your hanging rod, inside the drawers, on the cabinets and shelves, etc. after that.
  • Make sure the closet is totally dry before beginning to reorganize the goods. It's a good idea to organize your closet.


Keep Your Closet Organized


Rearranging the items occasionally will aid in ensuring that your closet is always tidy. How is this beneficial? First off, it provides an opportunity for some much-needed air circulation when you remove the objects. Additionally, cleaning out your closet by organising might help you get rid of clothing that is just taking up space. Thus, be careful to update the items you require, toss out those you don't need, and to arrange the items only once they've been washed, dried, and cleaned.

Replace metal wire hangers with wood hangers


In order to reduce the risk of dampness, wooden hangers are significantly more effective at absorbing moisture from the air. Yet another useful hint: Choose wooden hangers that are scented with lavender or cedar to protect your clothing while filling your wardrobe with a pleasant scent. Do not forget that cedar is an excellent tool to eliminate moths, which may practically eat away your precious clothing.

Place a baking soda mixture


Both moisture and unpleasant odours can be quickly and efficiently removed with baking soda. Place an open box of baking soda inside your closet for a year to get the most out of this hack. Just be careful to position it in such a way that you don't accidentally knock it over onto your clothes.

Coffee Hack


Like baking soda, coffee has also has the property for eliminating odours. Put a jar of ground coffee in your closet. Make sure you poke the lid with a few holes. Place this jar in a convenient yet difficult-to-reach location, and maintain replacing the coffee every month.

How to Make a Vinegar Spray


Another easily accessible product, vinegar, can keep unpleasant odours out of your outfit. This effective ingredient might be thought of as a natural deodorizer. Simply mix equal amount of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. To get rid of any unpleasant odours, spray this solution to the walls, shelves, and cupboards in your closet. You might also have a bottle of white vinegar in your wardrobe as an alternative.

Purchase Activated Charcoal or Chalk of High Quality


Activated charcoal can also be placed inside your closet because it has two functions: it can both filter the air and eliminate unpleasant odours. Put activated charcoal in a container with holes as a result. To reuse this charcoal, expose it to the sun for a few hours before using it once more. Chalk is another option that you can use because it is known to absorb moisture.


These hacks can drive away the stinky odor from your wardrobe. For more hacks like these, make sure you follow Cutesy Home.





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