How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom in 2022: Top 5 Bathroom Trends 

How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom in 2022: Top 5 Bathroom Trends 


Bathrooms are among the most important spaces in a house after the kitchen . Your bathroom will always be used, whether you live alone or with family. Because a clean, bright, and fresh bathroom is a significant asset to any home, sprucing up your bathroom to refresh the area may greatly enhance your comfort and sense of relaxation.

Bathroom trends for 2022 are paving the way for a lot of creativity and fun, from cross-cultural design and wacky décor to a new-age emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation.

Continue reading to learn the top bathroom decorating trends for the new year.


Planet Chromatica – The Bathroom Edition

When we stated that bathrooms would be a lot of fun in 2022, we weren't joking. In the upcoming year, chrome is expected to be a popular accent, and it will likely be utilised for visible piping, sink fittings, hardware, and other bathroom décor items.

Experts predict other metallic elements will also be in the trend in the coming year. A wide range of metals will make an appearance in bathrooms this year, drawing inspiration from the copper trend that gained traction in 2021.

Make a statement in 2022

2022 will be a fantastic year for wallpaper since it is a practical and creative way to transform every area in the house, even the bathroom. When it comes to sprucing up your bathroom, wallpaper might seem like an unexpected answer, but it's a simple and effective method to make the area stand out.

The ideal method to embrace this trend in the upcoming year is to choose a single wall and decorate it with statement wallpaper. Consider one of the wacky floral or bold artistic prints we suggested in our post on "2022 wallpaper trends."

To make your bathroom stand out, use wallpaper rather than painting a wall and dealing with the upkeep that goes along with it.


Cross-Cultural Experience: Japan and Scandinavian

The Scandinavian and Japanese designs' minimalist aesthetics are a style that is set to become quite popular in the upcoming year. The style is known by the name of Japandi. The functionality of Scandinavian and Japanese interior design are combined in this style, as well as the minimalism and natural appearance of Scandinavian design.

The focus on multifunctionality, efficient use of space, and sustainability makes this trend well-positioned for success in the upcoming year (something that minimalism supports).

This style contributes greatly to a peaceful environment thanks to its smooth, rounded edges. Buffed-out matte wood, neutral hues and textures, pebbles and other types of cooling stone, indoor plants, and open spaces are components that are frequently employed in the Japandi style.

Rustic is Calling in 2022

The year 2022 is enticing with its rustic, earthy, and organic tones and textures. Bathrooms will exude grounded tones in the upcoming year, from browns and whites to rust orange and deeper, neutral shades of green, yellow, and blue.

A colour scheme like this one works well for styles like minimalism and also fosters a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Consider painting your entire bathroom in neutral tones, or try mixing complementing neutral tones for a fresh look. This particular colour scheme does not exclude you from experimenting with vibrancy, though.

In fact, a mix of neutral colours creates a peaceful atmosphere that allows one to feel completely refreshed. They also appear elegant and modern.


Keep Your Marbles In Tact

The interior design industry predicts a rapid growth in the use of marble and stone in bathrooms. This can be attributed to the fact that it is an effective and long-lasting solution to sustainability, an issue that will no doubt become increasingly important in the next few years.

Marble, granite, and other types of stone not only add a distinctive and upscale appearance to whatever place they are used in, but they are also a sustainable and environmentally beneficial material to work with. The use of materials like this in your bathroom will also help to keep the area cool because stone typically absorbs heat.

There are numerous methods to use stone in construction, including sink fittings, wall slabs, and backsplashes.


Remodeling your bathroom can be a lot of fun. In the coming year, you can embark on that trip with the help of these fashion trends. Initially, you might experience some difficulties, but it's okay. 


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