How To Care For Your Mattress

How To Care For Your Mattress

Your mattress determines how well you sleep. Choosing a mattress that provides maximum comfort is therefore extremely important for everyone. Prior to making your decision, you should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of memory foam, latex, innersprings, and hybrid mattresses. Especially, considering the price of premium mattresses, it will be quite an investment.

It's natural to wonder what steps you can take to make sure your mattress investment pays off after you spend so much time and energy choosing it. You can sleep more comfortably if you follow some basic mattress care recommendations, such as cleaning your mattress regularly and using a supportive foundation. Maintaining your mattress regularly may also prolong its life by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

Our team has compiled some excellent advices on  what steps you can take to make sure your mattress investment pays off after you spend so much time and energy choosing it on how to take care of your mattress. This guide will provide you with the best mattress care tips!

Mattress cover

In order to maintain it, you should buy a mattress-protecting cover. High quality waterproof mattress coverings will protect your mattress against unforeseen spills and splashes. By preventing wetness and stains, they also reduce the amount of allergens such as dust, filth, and debris that may otherwise settle in your bed.  Additionally, they serve as a barrier between your body and the mattress's inside, which helps in preventing sweat or skin oils from penetrating. Most significantly, even in the event of mishaps, cleaning up is made simpler by these mattress coverings.

Offer Support

Your mattress' structural integrity and potential for early wear and tear will both be preserved by providing proper support. While you might initially believe that a small fold caused by cramming a mattress into a tight space wouldn't do any harm, you'll quickly see how the components within get messed up and are virtually rendered worthless. The first thing you should therefore think about is if the mattress suits your bed. So that they fit tightly together, measure both the mattress and your bed frame. Additionally, regularly inspect your bed frames for problems like breakages or drooping since they can stop supporting the mattress.

Flip The Mattress

Everyone is aware that one of the simplest ways to maintain a mattress is to rotate and flip it occasionally. Sadly, not many people actually take up this responsibility. Depending on how you sleep, moving and flipping the mattress can help spread out damage rather than allowing it to concentrate in a few specific areas.

Thus, the chance of the mattress deflating or softening is reduced. If you want to keep your mattress in good condition, you should flip it every two months or so. Once every six months, you should rotate it 180 degrees from head to foot. Especially in the first few years after buying a new mattress, doing this is helpful for breaking in your mattress.

Wash Your Linens

Washing your sheets and bedding is essential for maintaining hygiene. But did you know that it's a great method to take care of your mattress as well? Body fluids like sweat and oil have already been listed as things that can harm your mattress. And how bedding can harbor allergens, mould, filth, and dust mites.

As a result, washing your pillowcases, blankets, and sheets can stop any buildup from entering your mattress. If you share a bed with a pet, wash your linens more regularly than once per week. Due of their infrequent interaction with you, items like blankets, pillow covers, and duvet covers can be laundered less regularly.

Give It Some Sunshine and Air

Allowing your mattress to dry out in the open space would be really beneficial if you are fortunate with dry, sunny days. If the weather is right, take the mattress off and expose it to the sun once every two to three months. If you are concerned about dust and filth, you could choose a light, transparent fabric cover it with, such as an unused saree or dupatta. You should avoid using a beater to remove dust and insects, as this method hasn't been effective. If you must, you might consider vacuuming its surfaces.  

So why wait any longer, follow Cutesy Home's expert instructions for proper mattress care.


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