Feng Shui Colors: A Guide

Feng Shui Colors: A Guide

We humans are visual creatures. Furthermore, colors have a strong impact on us as sight is often the strongest of our senses. The vibrancy of colour is palpable. Moreover, colour can also serve as a metaphor and an image. Light is the source of life, so humans are lovers of the light. Due to the fact that colours are actually vibrations of light, they play a vital role in human psychology.

Remember that different civilizations have different perspectives on colour. For instance, a bereaved family in China might wear white, but Westerners would usually wear black. Furthermore, you can have your own personal colour associations that you should respect!

In this colour guide, we will explore colours from a feng shui perspective. Using this guide, you can choose colors for your home furnishings, artwork, cushions, and other decorative items. The use of colour in Feng Shui can change your energy quickly and effectively.

Green and Blue

Colors associated with the wood element include green, blue, and teal. These hues symbolize rebirth, expansion, and new beginnings. An energy that is both tremendously active like when a sprout emerging from the ground from a seed. These hues are connected to the healing powers of nature. Imagine a tree that protects us with its canopy. A vivid blue sky allows us to feel connected to the vast, open sky.

Purple and Violet

Yellow, orange, and brown are earthy and comforting colours. Earthy colours are the best choice if you need some caring and assistance. Consider Mother Earth and how soil may enrich and provide sustenance for plants and trees. The things we must let go of are likewise absorbed by the ground. The ground, for instance, may take what is no longer needed and turn it into something fertile through processes like composting or decomposition.

Yellow, Orange, and Brown

White comes in a variety of shades, and in Feng Shui, they stand for precision and purity. White is associated to the metal element and inspires clear sight, clarity, and purification. Kitchens should also be painted white since it serves as the ideal backdrop for the brilliant hues of freshly prepared cuisine. Balance is crucial in most situations. Too much white can be lifeless and yin in nature.


Like yin and yang, grey is a combination of white and black. Black signifies wisdom, whereas white is clarity. Gray is associated with the Feng Shui bagua map's helpful people and travel sector. This is an excellent hue to choose if you wish to travel more or need extra assistance.


In Feng Shui, dark blue is associated with self-awareness and expertise. Imagine yourself serenely staring up into the huge night sky. You may develop your inner self and learn more about yourself by using this hue.


The power of red is evident; it is the most auspicious colour in Feng Shui. Red can be used to beckon wealth, health, and good fortune. Red is associated with passion, fame, and fiery energy. Don't be afraid to incorporate a little red into your home to motivate and energise you since a little goes a long way.


Black is a colour that conjures wisdom. Black results from combining all the colours of the rainbow. Black is therefore inclusive and contains all knowledge. Black is associated with the element of water as well. The ocean is large and deep. It connects, flows, and sustains life. Use black sparingly and intelligently to invite more knowledge into your home. Feng shui considers black to be one of the auspicious colours for the Water Tiger year.


The softer shade of pink can evoke a connecting, empathic vibe. Pink can help you create relationships, love, and self-care in your life. If you're looking for love or want to improve your relationship with yourself, pink is a great hue to add to your home.


You should now have a better understanding of the basic Feng Shui colour guide in order to design a happier home. Music can lift our spirits, just as the right use of colour can do. Be bold with your colour choice because a harmonious colour scheme promotes a feeling of wellbeing.


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