Cleaning And Maintaining Chandelier: All You Need To Know

Cleaning And Maintaining Chandelier: All You Need To Know

Lighting is one of the most crucial factor for Interior design. Even if you have got an extravagant colors, textures and amazing furniture, good lighting will enhance overall feel of the room. It doesn’t have to be expensive or unique but the right one will gleam and bestow your house a much desired wow effect. A chandelier achieves this the best of anything.

When it comes to cleaning chandelier, it can be laborious. They frequently become covered in dust and cobwebs, which lessens their luster. A traditional chandelier desires to be wiped and clean at the least once a year. We need to clean the crystal chandelier when the crystal starts to become dull.

 The chandelier shines when it is clean which enhances your decor and adds to your luxury. Most of the expensive chandeliers are made of glass or crystal, which means you must clean them at regular intervals to keep them looking the way they should.

Here are some of the ways to make your chandelier sparkle and shine.

 At what interval should you clean chandelier?

A traditional chandelier desires to be wiped and clean at the least once a year.

We need to clean the crystal chandelier when the crystal starts to become dull. Modern chandelier designs should be cleaned when the glass or the frames start to look dusty.

 What plans should be made before cleaning?

Most of the chandeliers have an intricate pattern of hanging glass or crystal accents, so be aware of the design of the chandelier before starting the cleaning process.

Make a quick sketch or diagram of how all the parts go together. A digital camera's picture can also be helpful.

If the design allows, you can start cleaning the chandeliers in small pieces.

You might need to hire a cleaning agency to undertake the work if your fixture is too elaborately designed or is hanging too high. However, most chandeliers can be handled by yourself if you are interested in DIY.

 Safety precautions to be taken while cleaning chandelier

You have to be very careful when working on an electrical appliance, so as the quote goes, "slow and steady wins the race," you have to be slow, steady and careful when working on a chandelier.

When starting the cleaning process, you must first turn off the power source to the chandelier. It is safe to switch off the mains while working on the chandelier. If you turn off the mains, you must provide another light source to prevent working in the dark.

Methods of Cleaning a Chandelier

Glass- On Method

Prepare a cleaning solution of one part isopropyl alcohol to four parts distilled water in a spray bottle to clean a chandelier with the glass or crystal still in place. A white cotton glove or lint-free cloth should be sprayed with a tiny amount of the solution. Dry the crystal or glass quickly with a different glove or towel after wiping it with the damp cloth. To prevent breaking any of the hanging glass or ornaments, move gently and cautiously. Avoid using cleansers that include ammonia because this substance might tarnish the gold or silver finish of the metal hooks holding the crystal elements in place.


Glass-off Method

For chandeliers with more dirt and grime build-up, you can also try hand-washing the glass in lukewarm sudsy water, using a mild dish soap.

Get ready with the cleaning agent: Isopropyl alcohol or vinegar in a 1:4 ratio. Use 3 cloths: 1 for the solution, 1 for drying, and 1 for placing crystals. Crystals and bulbs should be removed and placed on a dry cloth. Never spray onto a chandelier; always use cloth. Clean the chandelier frame and dust the bulbs using a dry cloth


Now that we've covered every procedure and materials required to clean a chandelier, you're prepared to give your chandelier the care it need to look its best. Even though at first it may seem difficult, but cleaning a chandelier is easy to master.

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