Chandeliers - Choosing the Best One for the Space You Have

Chandeliers - Choosing the Best One for the Space You Have

Are you up for making your living room magnificent? You must be thinking how? A chandelier light will do the job. Be it your dining room, kitchen, living room, the versatility of chandelier lighting allows it to go beyond the formal rooms and act as both the primary source of illumination and a dramatic visual centerpiece in almost any room. A unique, unusual, and fun chandelier can set the tone for an entire room and enhance its surroundings.

Chandelier is the “Epitome of elegance”, a pretty chandelier would add some sparkle and elegance to the room. So if you are looking to purchase a chandelier and don’t know how to, you are at the right place. I hope your search end here.

Chandeliers come in various styles so you can easily match with any décor in your home. With their long history as a decorative staple of many homes and countless dining rooms and pubs, there is virtually no end to the designs available for your consideration. You can choose from antique models, modern takes on the classic look, or choose something in between.

Selecting a chandelier that is perfect for your space can be a bit challenging. But It won’t be any more. Now, let’s break down some of the factors you should keep in mind to find your best chandelier which is perfect for your space.

Set your budget

This is quite possibly the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right chandelier for your space. So it’s best for you to set a budget before purchasing a chandelier. Chandeliers comes in different size and types, so does the price.

First, you filter out the chandeliers which comes under the price range you can afford along with the size you need. It's important to remember that choosing a less expensive chandelier doesn't always mean that your chandelier will be smaller or less fashionable.

Higher the budget, more flexible will  be your choice.

Consider your space

Space is the another important thing you have to consider before buying a chandelier. A space with a huge ceiling is the appropriate place to hang a chandelier on because chandelier is going to take up a lot of place. If you are limited on where you can install your chandelier, you might want to consider a hanging chandelier that can be mounted on a wall. Many chandelier fixtures can be mounted on a wall, making them a great choice if you need to fit them into an especially tight spot. Chandelier fixtures come in a variety of mounting styles, including: pendants, recessed, flush, or surface mount. Choosing the right type of mount for your chandelier will help determine where you can put your chandelier. If your dining room has a prominent ceiling or has a wall that is particularly high or difficult to mount on, you might want to consider a hanging chandelier. It can help give your room that formal look while still freeing up other walls to be used for other purposes.


Know the type of the chandelier you want

Decide the type of chandelier you wish to buy. Modern or classic? This is one of the first things you should figure out because it can make a huge difference in your final choice.

Modern or classic? Modern chandeliers, often found in mid-century modern or modern styles, are made from more durable materials. They tend to have more exposed, industrial-looking joints and fittings. This look is often paired with a modern décor, making a bold statement in the space. Classic chandeliers, on the other hand, are often made from crystal, glass, or metal and have more delicate joints and fittings. This look is often found in more traditional settings or with more traditional décor. Choose based on your room’s style and the décor in the room. For example, if you have a more modern décor in the room, a modern chandelier might be a better choice. If you have a more traditional décor in the room, a classic chandelier might be a better choice.

 Size of the Chandelier

No matter what type of chandelier your purchasing, Choosing the proper size for your chandelier is a crucial buying advice I can give. In addition to the height of the ceiling, the room's size is a key consideration when choosing the appropriate-sized chandelier.

For instance, a tall chandelier would be too much for a room with low ceilings, whereas a tiny chandelier would be lost in a room with high ceilings. A large chandelier can also be a good fit if you have a small dining room. A small dining room could be overwhelmed by a large chandelier. A small chandelier can help balance out the space and give the impression of more space. Make sure the chandelier isn't wider than the table if it's going to be installed in the dining room. This will stop people from tripping over it when getting up. For rooms that are spacious and open, large chandeliers would be ideal.


You should take into account the above aspects before installing a chandelier, to prevent purchasing the wrong chandelier for your home. It helps in balance the lighting and blend in with the decor of the space. However, since there are so many options available, you should not worry. Caged, drum, contemporary, and crystal pendant chandeliers fall under this category.




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