7 Types of Chandeliers Best For Your Space

7 Types of Chandeliers Best For Your Space


Light fixtures like chandeliers provide more than just illumination for your space. Chandeliers are of many types. Adding a chandelier to your house will add an exuberant vibe and feel to your house. They serve as the room's focal point and have the power to make or break its aesthetic appeal. To keep up that appeal, you have to select the right style of the chandelier with regard to your interior design.

Chandelier comes in various materials, including brass, bronze, crystal, glass, wood grain and rustic iron. Chandeliers come in a wide variety of designs, therefore it's critical to understand each variety for selecting a perfect material and style for your space.

Here is your comprehensive guide to the various chandelier types available. You will discover, the item that most closely reflects your individual taste and style which will be the perfect suit for your home.


Crystal Chandelier


Crystal chandeliers got their name from the crystals used to make them. The design of a crystal chandelier can vary greatly. If you want to achieve a look of perfect elegance, you should choose these kinds of chandeliers.

These chandelier crystals are constructed of glass with lead oxide, which gives them a brighter and prismatic appearance. Any area of your room makes a big impression with a crystal chandelier.

Chandeliers were once used to hold a lot of candles in order to light up big spaces. It was given crystals to make the light more pronounced. Later, bulbs took the place of the candles, and they provided the room with a cozy glow.

These look great in dining rooms, living rooms, or large spiral staircases. They might appear a bit garish in a bedroom environment, so the bedrooms are not a preferred location.


Candle Chandeliers


Chandeliers of the traditional candle style add tradition and formal appeal to any space. All of them have candelabra-style arms that contain fake candles, despite coming in a vast range of materials and designs. Some even feature lighting controls that resemble actual candles.

This is best suited for people who prefer a more rustic look. The good news is that these chandeliers don't typically require as much space as some other types do because they aren't as enormous.

Perhaps a dining room would be the ideal venue for these candle chandeliers. Your home will gain character and charm from these traditional hanging candelabras, which look lovely when placed in the entryway or dining area.


 Glass Chandeliers

Glass chandeliers, another form of chandelier that bears its material's name, which is mostly preferred for their variety. You wouldn’t have no trouble locating one that matches your style because they are produced in a broad variety of patterns.

Additionally, by variety it implies that you can select one that complements the atmosphere of the room, there aren't many rooms that a glass chandelier wouldn't fit into.

A quick and simple method to update your home's interior is with this timeless design. Home owners love glass-shaded chandeliers because they give you the option to be as extravagant or subdued as you like. The entrance, bathroom, kitchen, or dining area will all shine brilliantly with these beautiful decorations.


Modern Chandeliers

If you love a minimalistic look, modern chandeliers are the way to go. Its aesthetically elegant and functional. Modern chandeliers come in simple, geometric shapes and few decorations. . It gives off a more futuristic vibe for individuals seeking for an avant-garde appearance. Crisp lines and geometric shapes characterize their aesthetic, which blends seamlessly with the digital age.

These should ideally be placed in the living room or foyer. Although their design makes an impression, it may seem strange in other spaces, such as kitchens or bedrooms.


Drum Chandelier

As the name goes, it has a unique shape that resembles a drum. It is a form of shaded chandelier.  The drum chandelier has a very basic design and is suspended from the ceiling by just one rod. To provide a pleasant glow, lights are housed inside a spherical cloth casing.

This chandelier would look great in a study or office space. It's a relaxed chandelier made for a warm setting. As it varies in size, It's wise to check for a few models before determining which would match your home the best.

Bowl Chandelier



The bowl chandelier is a hanging lamp that resembles a bowl and is one of the  simplest form of chandelier. The light bulbs are kept in an upside-down basin. The bowl is suspended from a ceiling-mounted pole.

The bowl itself emits a pleasant glow, and the shape of the bowl allows for an intriguing lighting effect in which most of the light is directed upward or seeps out through design holes.

The ideal candidates for this look may be those who favor a more stylishly subtle appearance, yet it can work with many different moods. For people who struggle with excessive light, this can also be a viable option. It is a semi-formal chandelier mostly seen in Kitchen and hallways.


Beaded Chandelier




Your home can look more exotic with the help of these ingenious chandelier styles. Due to their almost complete bead composition, they can also be quite the topic of discussion. The beads themselves can take a variety of shapes; some are made of glass, some of wood, and some use only shells instead of beads altogether.

If you're going for a futuristic or exotic design, beaded chandelier is the best choice. They can also be found in hallways or kitchens. Basically, it can be placed wherever as long as it fits the aesthetic.

Chandeliers can create a sense of charm in any home space, so now it's time to add that charm to your own. The cutesy home platform offers you a wide range of options for high quality chandeliers. Those are definitely worth checking out, So why wait? grab it while you have it



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