6 Design Trends for Your Living Room in 2022

6 Design Trends for Your Living Room in 2022

In the last two years, living rooms have seen more activity than ever before and are used more often than in any other home space. A new year offers the perfect opportunity to refresh the area in our homes that plays such an important role in our daily lives.

Design trends for 2022 indicate that multifunctionality, sustainability, and experimentation will be at the centre of living rooms, providing well-rounded, fascinating, and one-of-a-kind living spaces.

The most anticipated design trends for the upcoming year are listed below in case you're thinking about updating your living room and want to be in style (interior design edition).

Nature Nurture

Nothing makes a space feel more like a living room than genuine living things. Indoor plants and other types of greenery in the home have become very fashionable, as we are all aware. In addition to the many advantages for health and well-being that this movement has delivered, it has also shown to be a worthy design trend; one that will reach its peak in 2022.

Consider creating your own collection of indoor plants to bring nature inside while also providing life to your living area. Plants are being used as design accents and maybe a lot of fun to work with.


Now more than ever, we all yearn for states of tranquilly like peace, calm, and serenity. Experts forecast that 2022 would be all about decorating your home to promote a quiet and calm environment as the world struggles to recover from the global coronavirus pandemic.

Living Room Lights

Design trends for this area also go in the same direction, which makes sense given how much time we're all going to spend in our living rooms.

The upcoming year is set for the huge popularity of neutral hues, textures, and tones. the colour of the walls, the upholstery, the furniture, or even the accents and accessories; shades that evoke calm and peace (think earthy tones like light brown, pumpkin orange, creams and off-white) are going to make quite the appearance.

One Place, Numerous Faces

Every area needs to be adaptable if there is one thing we can be confident of. While 2021 required impromptu multifunctionality, 2022 is expected to be the year when design consciously prioritises and concentrates on the requirement for multipurpose layouts.

It's a good idea to try this out in living rooms. Think about rearranging the furniture in your current room, adding multipurpose smart furniture, and adding portable items that can be moved about to suit the mood.

Curves Are In

Curvy furniture is making its way into 2022 with retro good vibes. Living room design ideas in the upcoming year are expected to incorporate retro elements on one end of the spectrum and serenity and peace on the other.

Living Room Lights

According to reports, the design lineup for 2022 would include tables and chairs with curved edges as well as couches with rounded edges and metal rods. Despite having art deco-inspired furniture, living rooms will not be designed following that style. Adding retro accents, furniture, and other design elements to neutral and minimalist backdrops will become the norm in 2022.

Flora And Flora

Flowers never get old, and this is also true of how they appear in home design, according to Flora & Flora. Floral designs in wall paintings, wallpaper, or even upholstery can instantly make a room feel more lively.

Use wallpaper or wall inserts with adorned floral prints if you want to create a statement. On the other side, if you like something simpler, you may use delicate upholstery or subdued flower patterns for the walls.

Floral patterns can also have bold or subtle colour schemes. 2022 is looking fantastic with such a dynamic aspect.

Bold Flooring

The most exciting design trend for 2022 is bold and funky flooring. Tiles with patterns, colours, and textures are rumoured to return in 2019. The right flooring can instantly transform your living space, whether it is tiles, striking rugs and carpets, or patterned carpets.

You won't need to do much else to the room after installing a vibrant floor. In 2022, quick and simple prevails.


In 2022, these living room fashions are in vogue. They are straightforward to understand, but they are also quite fascinating. With these styling concepts, you can make your home's interior design more appealing. If you have any additional suggestions, please let us know! For more home decor suggestions like this, visit our blog.

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