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The duvet & shams are very pretty and soft, but my main complaint is the small size. The duvet is not long enough on the sides to cover the mattress on a king bed and the shams only fit a very thin standard size pillow. It looks too small proportionally on a king size bed. I wish it came with a matching fitted sheet and/or options to purchase other matching items.

Looks ok

These lights look nice and are similar the the original graypants lights but are definitely not as nice. They came in foam packs in a plastic bag and weren't very secure. Their pictures don't show the on/off button. One was missing the charging cord. Not really worth the price maybe $29.00 would be a better value.

Never got product

I cannot submit a review for this product because I have not received it yet!

Fast delivery and fine quality and execution👍Beautiful light and romantic

I bought another one elsewhere, but the product here is battery level, brightness adjustable, cheaper and best!!

Performance Good!!! I don't know how much the battery will go, but I like it once!!

I bought it cheap for 10 days, but it's good.

It's bright and pretty. Thank you for your good product.

Identical to the photo. Delighted...

I like the best thing I have
This joy.

Oh ~ I like it. The touch is too good and the light is 3 steps, so you can adjust the brightness ~ White and Grey this color is more bright.😍

Great for the price! Metal base plastic top touch switch that you can choose between warm white / cold white / both whites … USB C CHARGED and the touch sensor is a dimmer if you hold your finger

This is just Joe! It's good because the new one is just coming! It's the first purchase, so it's only because it's the first purchase.

1. Okay.
2. The light is adjusted in three stages, making your eyes comfortable
3. The size is not large or small
4. I usually use it in my home room and charge it when I go camping.
5. Campy supplies are good because they can be used at home and camping

I love it, but the touch is a little off, and you have to touch it several times when you are good at fire, it's good because it's pretty, but it's also bright.

Fast shipping cheap price I would like to recommend to others.

Some scratches here and there. Otherwise a good lamp, but it doesn't light up a room. It's good for a desk or night table

love it for the price and functions. color is good and bright. highly recommended.

The delivery is faster, and the product quality has been upgraded from the existing ones ~! The price is also cheap and too good.

Shipping is real fast, quality really good! I'm sorry for a few more.

Lt makes me happy😊~~~
The size is good and I like it in every way. I'll use it for camping, but it's so good with the wooden table at home.
The delivery took a few days longer than expected.

Fantastic, excellent quality product and arrived super fast. Great seller. Surprised positively, better than in the description, he composed my environment very well. And we still managed to do the control/intensity of the lighting by holding the finger under the dome show

The lamp is great.

I like the design concept, and the touch light options.

However, the item sent has a cosmetic defect on the base (bubbles, as seen in the photo).